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This Is Blog that is dedicated to this couple

Steve Burnside And Claire Redfield

Fanarts, Screenshots, Videos, anything is going to be posted here

No man shows greater love than when a man lays down his life for his beloved.Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside from Resident Evil.  

"Everything is going to be ok, Steve. I promise."
I scream bullshit every time an innocent guy is transformed to fight their friends so they can resist the control and save their friend only to immediately die afterwards (looking at you, movie Nemesis) because that’s so cheap but I LOVE IT SO MUCH, damn it Steve! Your voice and attitude grates my soul, why do you make me like you?! Also you look hilarious

RECV is my all-time fav RE game ever…. Powerful characters supported by powerful plot. Bless them, Steve and Claire.
BTW, I’m so angry that I only got several damn markers with me >:( !!!!!!!
Kinda miss my tablet now(no I have to practice (my f*ckin’ slacker life

"We got this."HopeHavoc and Sheenah as Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside from Resident EvilOn DeviantArt